Jeb’s BGJ FF TIPS (Mostly 1 on 1 Tactics!!!!)

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Hello there, Congratulations on winning my (Jeb_Springfield) FF Tourney, you have won and therefore, your reward is all my known strategies and instincts and tips and what keys to use in being the best FF Saberist in the world. First of all I’m going to start off with the basics. What I use against darkys and a lighty, 1 on 1 I use all 4 stars on neutral powers and I use 4 stars on grip and destruction. Against Protection players. I put 2 stars on force throw 4 stars on grip and destruction. I put 4 stars on force seeing, force jump, and force speed. However I put 2 stars on Force pull cause personally I don’t find it that hard to pull and is not that necessary. On the protection part you might want to do it your own way. But on the star setup against lightys and darkys, this is a MUST!!!! By doing what these star setups, its your first step on beating a lighty darky or a pure lighty or darky (Protection + Deadly Sight). The advantage of 4 stars on force SEEING IS A MUST!!! One thing it does is when you always have it on. It helps prevent blinding and you can see those rookies that use force persuasion. But the most important thing about force seeing is THE FORCE SEEING MAP. To achieve this map, you must press Tab then hit the minus key next to the 0 to shrink it in size. Then hit force seeing Key. You can see the person in the full map and also with 4 stars which is a must to become successful is all the items like health, surge, and bacta and such. Now in Surge timing when you get the surge it might come back earlier or if you are a rookie what you are used to. What I mean is that when you receive the surge you have unlimited mana for 20 seconds, then it runs out. If you pull the surge

It will come back in 30 seconds all together, so basically you have unlimited surge for 20 seconds and have a full mana gauge for 10 seconds before the surge pops back up. There is another way in getting the surge and its just by getting it. It takes 60 seconds for it to come back up. This is not as easy as it looks. I must say that pulling the surge is a lot easier. I recommend pulling surge ALL the TIME on Teams or FFA (Free for all) or in other words on your own. However 1 on 1 not pulling the surge could be an advantage for you. If you don’t pull the surge. PRACTICE REPEAT!!!! PRACTICE on timing the surge well. What I did to get good timing on surge was to go offline and practice by yourself and get surge. Time it and then Kill yourself in the process or in other words, T Tab Kill. You will be dead. And respawn and try to keep the timing in your head and move around Then come back in 3-5 seconds before surge comes back or if you’re a whole lot more advanced..1-3 seconds. Now on to HOT KEYS!!!!!

I have never used the mouse when playing Jedi Knight or any other game. Surprising isn’t it but its true. You don’t need a mouse to be the best. I use these particular keys. “B” is Destruction. “N” is grip. “M” is pull “X” is Jump, “Ctrl” is Primary Fire, “Z” is Secondary Fire, Left Arrow is Turn left Numpad 4 is turning left also. My advantage with the left arrow and numpad 4 is I held both of them down. By doing this I could turn to the left and in circles a whole LOT Faster like a mouse. You get so much Maneuverable. I also used “D” which is right Strafe. I use Right Strafe with force speed to run a lot faster then regular speed and Left+Numpad 4 to turn around a whole lot faster. “Pgup” is to look down, “PgDown” is to look up. Up arrow is moving forward and down arrow is moving back. The keys I could of used but I chose not to use cause it Fucks up the whole pattern in FF sabers. “A” which is left strafe is as you know, left strafe. I never found a use to this but it might help maybe which is “S” I think its brake I believe or slow down, “T” which is talk. The Cons of not pulling surge are Campers. Campers are people who stay by the place where it will likely give them more success of a kill on you. I consider Campers Cheap. However there are counter attacks against Campers in BGJ. Whenever you get up on cliff. I want you to not run up to him but first run to the part on the cliff where it is below the surge. Run into it after you hear that saber swing (Cause I sometimes got hit by it when running into him), then jump up and grip the son of a bitch. Afterwards use right strafe (Practice this part offline cause I did a lot of stuff like this offline. Or if you have surge just throw a bunch of destructions on the Cliff. Another thing make sure you hit the place on the cliff where it is most likely to produce damage. For example if your ducked down on bottom part of cliff and you throw a destruction to the top side of cliff where dark surge stands, it won’t hit them. So hit to the side in between them cause They will usually get hit. I have invented several moves which I will tell you later on) and then jump towards the upper part of cave by the health that’s usually there. You got to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or lose health when making the jump. Make sure you have your gripped opponent in sight or your going to lose him. On grip parts, to achieve an excellent grip like I have done before. You must listen to what I say. Practice against lightys that use absorb. Reason for this is when you get your surge and such you practice this combo Destruction+Grip+Saber all in less than a second. Practice your fingerings too make sure you have fast fingers to get these keys while gripping your opponent. You grip them and slice them. They have absorb on so they don’t lose health at all so you probably have to saber them twice. But you don’t have to saber them just now. Practice the destruction+grip combo on them. Use right strafe and Left+Numpad 4 fast so you can Grip Lock much better than you can before. Doing that will Seriously help increase your chances of getting your grip lock on your other opponents. Now when you practice this well enough, make sure your doing well and then attack the darkys 1 on 1. What I do to warm up is that I go to a FFA game then I play usually to 25-50 or if your really wanting to practice hard, 75-100 points. Then play a lighty that uses absorb 1 on 1. Then play more 1 on 1’s afterwards. Pretty soon when practicing with a lighty. Your going to develop a sense that you’ll feel your in control against a darky cause you can think that the darky is a lighty. Make sure you beat the lighty all the time. You should not move on unless you can defeat a lighty easily. Then when the darky comes, think of him as a lighty. Use your Destructoin+Grip combo if you have the surge or if you don’t, practice on gripping him and when you have him gripped BE SURE TO BACK UP as far as you can possibly go while having him in your sight. Move around too. Right strafe to a place where you can strafe and jump and achieve heights so that destruction won’t hit you. Always Grip takes off 80% at most. If it goes over 80% make sure you realize you might of Force jumped while being gripped or hit something on the way before accusing him of Supergrip!!.. Supergrip is a glitch in the Jedi Knight Program when you grip, you hit a certain key that kills someone faster. The thing is if you don’t have surge your mana will decrease a whole lot. Semigrip is also known as “Slow Supergrip.” How to use SUPERGRIP. FUCK THAT. I’m not going to tell you how at all. Cause one thing is that is the most fuckin cheap thing to BGJ FF ers and FF gunners. There are things in supergrip that can kill you again from far distances. Which is total bullshit also. I’m not sure but use AHP2 or the Anti Hack Patch 2. This eliminates all hacks or cogs known to Jedi Knighters. I believe you can get it at go there and download it. Make sure you have patch commander. I am not sure if it eliminates supergrip. Most people don’t supergrip or semigrip at all. Most people are honest when it comes to BGJ FF. Well anyway when you have him gripped and it usually takes 5 seconds I believe to know when the grip ends. Then come back and regrip him, and do the same process. Or you can hit him with a destruction if you are sure when you know that the surge is going to come back. When you know a little more of BGJ FF. The best bgj ff players can usually be located at the Ladder Room or Nar Shadda. The games in Nar that say BGJ FF or BGJ FF NH NC. Usually means that the player is moderately well trained in BGJ FF. If its ff sabers like that at a room sure go check it if it has names like Venom13 =P They are probably rookies. But make sure you know which clans are good in BGJ FF or in all subjects like FF guns to or that moderately good. In FFA games I always Recommend a FULL DARKY GAME no lightys. In teams it might be different. If your dark and you kick ass in BGJ FF, It might be useful to have a lighty if no other good darkys are available to you at the time. With the lightys make sure he has absorb on and he stands by the dark side of cliff and with his 4 stars can pull the light surge and just stand there at the darkys that come up to him. The darkys will waste their mana on the lighty if they don’t know which is the darky So if you have surge come up and attack their ass cause they lost a destruction so they have reduced mana. Be aware that he might use a saber technique so do what I said earlier about getting campers. Stand around if you have too with the lighty then while the guy force jumps up to the cliff make sure you force jump right away before he comes up. If your quick look down while force jumping and grip his motherfuckin ass. Midair grips are extremely hard to do. It can be done and it is extremely useful in defeating your enemy. Practice this with your online partner or someone in your clan or someone else. Barely force jump by holding the force jump slowly oh shit yeah. “F5” is Force Jump, “F6” is Force Speed and “F7” is Force Seeing. do it and look down and use the grip button. Practice this a lot. You can also practice this by finding a level that contains those citizens that walk around a city. Run and strafe and such you jump, turn around, grip and back up immediately. Or you can hold force jump down a tad and look down and around with Left arrow and Numpad 4 held down together and grip him. As a darky there are counter attacks to every move in BGJ. One thing is the classic move of going into ship and getting the boosts and then health and the other boost. You should learn not to start off at the boost there. Make sure first that no one is on your tail or in that case it is safe to do it then. Force jump to the healths first always. Then don’t go to the bottom boost right after health’s cuz it is predictable by me and I would attack there always. Instead after the healths go to the nearest top boost and get it and make sure it is safe. Force jump right after you fall down from the top boost cause if that person is ready to hurt you, force jumping right away will reduce damage or cause no damage at all. If he has surge, slow him down by gripping him if you can and run away. When a person has surge if your low on health it is usually safe to say you can run away from him. But what I did that I’m pretty sure no one else does at all is that I got aggressive against the players with surge. I attack them when they have surge or not. Do it if you have high health. You prob shouldn’t do it if you have less than 75 health. If you do it is IMPORTANT to get him. Make sure you strafe a lot and use all the keys I told you earlier. I believe by hearing a destruction or when it is used, it takes 3 seconds for the person to shoot another destruction. In between that 3 seconds of time you make sure you get your grip lock on him and immediately back up right away as fast as you possibly can. Watch him so he won’t waste a destruction on you. If you are certain he is near death shoot your destruction and he will be dead. Look for force boosts if you can Look for a pattern like you pull bacta 5 seconds after the surge is pulled also. Just repeat process and remember that the bacta and boosts come certain seconds after another item is pulled. One thing you should never do is when your coming from the cave up to the Hill (Light surge Cliff). Instead force jump and jump to the part of the Hill. If you can try to grip that person. One other thing is if your advanced in the midair grip techniques. Look up while you are down and grip him. There is a way to counter the grip+saber combo. In order to do this if you are gripped like in a corner or in a tight spot (Ex. Side part of Hill where that health is on top of the cave ramp), you need to force jump quickly as fast as you can then destruct them if you can or grip them in midair while you are going down. Or just do the desturct+grip combo. Another thing you can predict others if they are going to do a destruction. One way is that you are gripped and you grip the bitch back, then you need to immediately force jump because usually he will use a destruct on you. Some of the moves I have invented have proven very useful. On very very top of ship if you are in danger of health or something like that and he has control, get up there and practice holding the force jump just a tad so you can barely force jump high. Then hit the little corner on the Hill. (Light Side Cliff). It can be useful for the intermediate player is waiting for you to come down and supposedly destroy you with that destruction. Or if you have done this too much and the guy is expecting to hit you. Fake him out if he’s on the cliff and miss the corner on purpose by holding back with the down arrow. You will hit the little corner and you won’t be hurt and if he doesn’t have surge he will have wasted his mana. Another thing I do is (VERY USEFUL!) that if the opponent is on the Hill, get on the cliff on the edge and pretend your there and go backwards and go back down to the cave. Hit the little corner so you won’t lose damage. He will think he has hit you but he didn’t J . Or if he has figured your little tactic. Strafe over to the side of the right part of the cliff and you’ll land smoothly. It also works against those campers usually. Can’t stress enough how you need to get that timing on surge perfectly!! It is best not to use the watch or shit like that cause I think it can get cheap at times but also I could see someone resetting that shit over and over again. Another move is that on the cave ramp I force jump from there to the right side of the cliff try to land on the sliding part. You can lay a destruction and a grip combo on the person coming from that part of the ship. A hard move to do and it requires practice is that you need to try to jump from the “Outer Cave Area” let us call it that. and go off the ramp towards the cave. When that opponent is getting that bacta or coming in for the ship you can do a destruction+Grip combo or to be safe the grip on him. It is like a midair kind of grip. Turn to the side to keep you opponent in your area and grip him he usually can’t counter it. This grip move is one of the hardest to do. You have to be good with strafe to do this. Grip the guy on the outer cave area Right strafe (or Left Strafe I guess) to the highest point on the Ramp and strafe to the part of the outer ship that you can get up on by jump (No Force for this or you lose the grip) if you know what I mean (You can stand on there outside ship. It is the little edge.) Now when you are in ship just be aware of getting those healths. Fake the opponent out to prevent damage on your health. If you are really good with midair grips you can force jump from the cave part to the outer cave and hit the side of the ramp. That’s another move but try to grip the opponent before he takes off on the ramp of the outer cave. Another move that is very useful. If you are on the hill region and you need to escape from that evil guy with surge just run down off the hill and hit the Upper Ramp of the Outer Cave and you usually land softly with no damage or some damage hitting the ground. And for the beginners or intermediates the basic force jumps that are useful are coming from the right side of ship and force jumping off that tiny little ramp on the side. And of course the outer ramp region force jump there to the cliff or with pracitce you can force jump to the hill. Just find that right spot and you will get better at that. Well I don’t know I think this should cover a lot of the shit to get you a lot better in Jedi Knight or if you are that 1 player that is close to being as good as me. I think of (Newmodel). Some of this shit still might be useful. This might be useful to know what computer and what system and screen I have. I have a 19″ monitor. I have DVD rom. I have like 10 GB hard drive for c. I have a D drive and and E drive and an F drive for the CD’s. The Mhz I have is 350 if not faster. I have a subwoofer under the superior speaker systems or should I say this is my dad’s comp. Mine is shitty can’t even play jedi knight on there. And What Voodoo 2 3d card. and the rest its all the latest shit that is out. My dad is a sounds person. Lucky me I have gotten my license by now. I am driving a 1995 teal firebird 3.4 liter V-6 Engine. Have a head deck, 2-8″ Subwoofers 150 watts or something. I guess. My dad said its 150 for the whole thing. I’m not sure if that’s right. Oh yeah the subwoofer is amplified inside so that’s a plus. Well enjoy I hope this will help you get better in the FF region. I suggest you print this immediately. This is probably the last time I will ever see yall. If I ever come back on which I highly doubt it. The name would be Jeb_Springfield. Nothing else. Don’t let Newmodel or anyone else say its me if its under a different name than that. If I was an alias or some shit like that why would I even be giving you this fuckin information. I have had a lot of fun playing this game. I loved fucking around with the online chats and shit. If you don’t take this seriously (The chats and I guess Jedi Knight) Go make some laughs. I suggest you have fun on Jedi Knight if you lose who gives a fuck. Don’t go bezerk it’s only an online game, it shouldn’t be your life. The only way I will ever get back on here is that I am informed by E-Mail that there are cash prizes given out. That is something to take seriously. That email you see on the message boards its not my real email. J Oh well once again have fun..enjoy..and Peace!!!!!!