The Destruction of The Zone

by | May 5, 2014 | Articles

Yea of course the hax are real. And actually they are great. Who can forget the build3 hax, the instant build hax, hax wars, and all of the other insane checksum passing hax created for this game.
I myself personally never knew how to make hax. I read an article once that explained how to count characters and what each characters cost was worth, and it honestly blew my mind. That was yrs and yrs ago.
I still dont know how to make hax today. Surprising eh?

Lets look at 2 clans individually who werent necessarily rivals by any means, but both had good coggers in it who just failed to abide by the CoC.
First off, EAH_Triscuit, i love you. But your a fucking faggot. You single handedly destroyed the zone. I call Triscuit out as an individual of the EAH clan (Evil Allied Hax) because Triscuit was the first one who I remember. He taught me VB6 and eventually lead me down the path to create ZoneMaster. Let me give you a brief discussion on this bastard ass tool.
ZoneMaster had 3 stages. Each its own .exe. All of which the firewall and AV had no issues with, and to my knowledge, today, still wouldnt have any issues with.
There was:

Yea yea its matrix shit. And im by no means blaming Triscuit for my evil actions.
Each version was more stable, more undetectable by the user himself. And more of a bitch to get rid of. The final version hid itself in so many different places under so many different names and so many different bindings to different exes that it was damn near impossible to get rid of. Safe Boot? forget it. Youre better off reformatting and never trusting anyone on the zone again.
It had simple commands. I wont go over them, but you can guess what they would do, and i dont remember them all, but here are a few:
!say i love the CoC
!pm hey
!write del c:\ | y > C:\del.bat
!exec C:\del.bat
!matrix (turns zone client into matrix window, user loses all control)
!gag 5/10/however long you wish
!gag 999999999999999999999999
!ban xxxx

This program probably had a good 100 commands with it. All of which could be extended to execute system commands and do more damage than what I had ever even imagined. I remember creating a readme.txt file to it that included all commands. Then i remember reading a ZoneMaster’s Guide to Hacking that included some really bad ass shit that i didnt even think was possible with the program.
Here is where Triscuit comes in: He had given me the idea, to parse zone text. GetText() functions in vb6. Firewall/AV had no issue with this at all. Because i was avoiding using sockets.
No ports were opened. The program itself did no damage.
Shame on you Triscuit. I was 11-13yrs old and you implemented an idea into my head that caused 1000s of zone users to be banished.
I remember going into lobbies and watching others take control of peoples computers.
!shutdown command would cause 20+ users to exit.
+ accounts were being hijacked.
The program was being imbeded into webpages for remote code execution to automatically download and run the .exe.
It was some real shit that i never thought would happen.
It took over zone wide.

Now think about it. This was 1999-2001, roughly. It was during the age where the average user didnt really know what hacking was. But the hacks came easy, and easy for anyone to do. It only took google to get you to where you wanted to be. The average user was easy to trick. The average user wanted to be a hacker themselves. Anyone was willing to take a risk. Anyone was easily infected.

Now lets look at some of Triscuit’s, and other EAH programs. zBoTz. Yeah it was cool. But needless to say it flooded the zone with lines of text. Invisible Lobby Locker. What the fuck you think it does? Put smiley faces on your screen? Hell no, it world wide locks the fucking lobby so no one can join. wtf.
sypher’s (not part of EAH) unbanners. Alot of other programs that im sure you can think of that caused damage, and kept you from being damaged. + members had no control over you in the final zone days.

Now lets talk about JKDF2 specifically:
Back in the day of (Triscuits) site, it didnt come with no warranty or what to do and what not to do. Kids, just like myself, downloaded and joined games with these hax, and made it impossible for anyone to have fun on the zone.
EAH_XxLunatiKxX or w/e his name was wasnt any better, if not a little more destructive as his websites homepage (i cant remember off the top of my head), looked alot better than Triscuits. lol. How good your shit looked back then did indeed define skill in hax.
Luna’s hax were more destructive and meant for the intent to fuck your game up.
Force Boot
Spin Bitch
No Target
Jail (The one that fuckin chased you) >_>
Candy Gun
Tornado Gun
Slam Fists
Triscuit made a program to create Cogs with any jkdf2 weapon or item that would do whatever you wanted it to do.
Needless to say extra health was not an option. It was only destructive things. Like:
instant death
repeat kill
self destruct
and several other options.

Does that look like a helpful program to you? Yea, if youre a little haxor who wants to fuck up peoples games.

Yeah i did it. Quite a few times. By no means more than the next person. But a time came when I just wanted to have fun. And left all of my haxor ways to focus on jkdf2 and becoming the best.

A little side note: I rape ALL of ORJ clan easy in sbx. Sry guys, you just couldnt beat me. ORJ was NOT the best SBX clan. NiNjA was. Ive seen several Ninja members that just destroyed ORJ, 10+ vs 1. Ninja everytime. I recall the Ninja members being the hardest to beat. Some battles would last 30/60+minutes.

Lets look at the BAH clan (Bad Ass Haxors)… for real?
Not really a rival to the EAH clan at all, but asshole members like BAH_Strike who was good, and a few others. They didnt rly just create fun mods for you to play with. They created horrible cogs that took total control of your game.
Anything from changing the surfaces, changing the physics of certain sectors, These were the type of assholes who joined YOUR game with a rival clan to have a hax war. Wtf… you cant host a game yourself?
IP9000 or w/e the dudes name was who created the IP stealer. Yea anyone could of went to command and did a little nbtstat -a and got your ip. But you had to look through 50-200 lines of connections.
IP Stealer made it so once you was in the game, tab out, hit the steal button, and you got the host and everyones ip who was in the game. This was a jkdf2 hax.
Lets look at the later to be released, REAL IP Stealer. Join a lobby, it matches all nicks to an ip address. What asshole would create such a tool? Now not only can users NOT host games on the zone, but they cant even privately host games off the zone with their friends with ip only. They are forced to make the game private. Who tabs out of a game to see what someone wants when their having fun when there is a password on your game to let you join? eh… no one.

So thanks to all of you destructive ass mother fuckers who was looking for your moment of fame, and GOT IT!! IN THIS ARTICLE!
Sry to all the haxors i left out. YOU DESTROYED THE ZONE!
The ZoneHacks crew destroyed the zone!
Im sure that 97% of the jkdf2 players today helped to destroy the zone. The thing is we were all part of it. The certain users and the ones that i forgot about that were mentioned in this article were the base for destruction.
TheDarkHacker (my asshole self)