Jedi Masters Never Cheat. Here’s Why ( Article)

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Articles

That’s right, cheaters are even worse than the meanest Dark Jedi, and they can really mess up a fun multiplayer game. But just because someone is better than you doesn’t mean that they’re cheating. Some players have amazing dexterity, have learned to use hotkeys, or are just plain gaming gods. If you’re getting killed over and over again, don’t be quick to accuse the other players of cheating. It may be that you’re just not at their experience level.

Saber Them

There are some ways you can tell if a player is cheating. If their player can walk through walls, well, that’s not part of the game. If you experience unusual graphic glitches, or if the suspected player is firing weapons more powerful than those in the game, then you may have a cheater on your hands. If they can fly for long periods of time, or manage to take tons of damage without seeming affected, you may want to watch them closely.

Before kicking the suspect player out, ask if they’re using a cheat and politely ask them to stop. You may want to make sure by asking others in the game to see if they can kill the suspected player. Even the best players will eventually succumb when everyone gangs up on them. The point is: make SURE someone is cheating before you just kick them out of the game.

If you absolutely, positively have a problem player on your hands, you can kick them out of the game by performing the following steps, (which is in your player manual):

Type the letter T, then hit the TAB key. This will bring up the console.
Type “kick xxxx” where xxxx is the name of the player. The command syntax “boot xxxx” also works.

Do not use the power of this force indiscriminately.