SM_Sith_Lord – Schizophrenia

by | Jan 4, 2015 | Articles

Throughout jkdf2 history there has been some legends, some casuals, and some down right pathetic noobs. Here today we are going to be looking into one of jk’s side effects on the mind, the development of Schizophrenia. JK has been known to produce many negative side effects on the brain, especially in young children who grew up in the nar shaddaa environment. However, today we will be speaking upon the well known SM_Sith_Lord and his pyschological conditions developed from childhood stimulus.

Google had this to say:
A disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave clearly.

Thoughtout the history of SithLord, dating back even to 1997, we have seen him think and even feel and behave in a manor that most definately drew some attention to ourselves. Yeah he shows a alot of signs that we have seen from BeefCaike. He feels like AArcade (his most legendary work of art within himself), is the final solutions to the alternate windows desktop environment. That in itself is completely ludacris, you have to run miles upon miles to launch a single instance of any program you are looking for. Imagine looking for notepad.exe and having to jump from oasis pool to concussion rifle, except with no force jump. That is AArcade.

But where did it all start? What really triggered SM_Sith_Lord’s psychological disorder we all know so well? Well we could look directly at massassi and blame them for this. There is a reason no one likes massassi, and it doesnt have anything to do with SM_Sith_Lord. But the earliest signs of SM_Sith_Lord’s disorder can be seen here. SM_Sith_Lord had released a few maps and submitted them to massassi. Massassi had made it very clear in map/mod submittion that those type of JK files could possibly contain harmful data. SM_Sith_Lord was far too noob to understand that as far as a web server goes, that was impossible. Well that is until JKHub made it very possible by allowing gob files to be uploaded in a staggered method that would allow for php file execution and creation. Which still today results in total user privacy compromise. Anywho, massassi had deleted some of SM_Sith_Lord’s files because no one really likes him. This was the start of SM_Sith_Lord’s disorder. He felt that his work was so great and amazing, that something had to be wrong with himself for someone to go out of their way to remove files from an ancient website! Obviously we all know that is not the case. In fact, all of SM_Sith_Lord’s JK work rly sucks. And no one really cares at all. Its just that some dumb massassian had a power trip and just so happened he chose to delete SM_Sith_Lord’s work.

Even at the deletion of SM_Sith_Lord’s greatest accomplishments in the JK community, he still unconditionally loved massassi (with a capital M). We can further see the disorder develop after his favorite website of all time threatened to remove JK from the internet. Everyone saw it coming. The year was 2013 (I believe). SM_Sith_Lord was oblivious to this fact. So much that even after being told directly about it, he still didnt believe it. Massassi had posted a news update on their main page saying the site was going off line Jan 1st of 2014. Even after reading that from the admins, SM_Sith_Lord still refused to believe it.

The entire JK community saw what massassi was doing and the way that it was developing into a major problem for SM_Sith_Lord. We knew we couldnt let SM_Sith_Lord go down like that. He had already been falling off for years. We asked massassi for an entire clone of their website to preserve the JK files that was scheduled to be wiped clean from the net. Massassi refused, like the hated pieces of shit that they are. The real JK4Lyfe Foundation and Community then looked out to hire a contract haxor, whose name will not be mentioned due to pending cry babies ;). His mission was to backup and obtain all files from massassi to preserve the works of others and the JK game for the past 16yrs. The JK community knew this was the only way to truely save SM_Sith_Lord.

Upon easily pwnin the noobs at massassi and all affiliated domains, JK History was saved! This brought upon the most legendary work of the JK community known as the JKArchive. It also reverse tricked the massassi admins to keep their website online!! It was a double win! Massassi said no one is going to kill them, they will only commit suicide. To this day massassi remains online, and actually a lil bit more working than it has ever been.

The hack upon the disgrace known as massassi was successful. It was another victory for JKKind showing that we will never die.

But SM_Sith_Lord saw this as an opportunity to make sad lil believes out of people and potentially find a reason to bitch about why his files were deleted from massassi. SM_Sith_Lord blamed the hired contract haxor. SM_Sith_Lord had been too paranoid about hisself to even see that it was pre-hack that his files had been removed. This ultimately sent SM_Sith_Lord off edge and into a whole new world of spirally schizophrenia. He quit going to irc cause he thought people could hax him through it. He quit going to his favorite websites cause he thought the contract haxor was out to get him and still had root access to all his sites waiting to target his personal machine as an injection point. He quit downloading and supporting programs of the JK Community cause he thought they all contained virii. He quit dealing with JK all together. Today he only promotes his own personal attack weapon known as AArcade. He even advises people to play in offline mode cause he thinks the haxors will come for them.

This schizophrenia made SM_Sith_Lord possibly the most well known AntiJK computer user of all time. We can see this in a few statements:

SM_Sith_Lord> That damn haxor is crashing our game without even connecting!
(the guy had been gone all day)
It couldnt possibly be your shitty connection of your piece of shit Steam installed borked ass JK, lol

SM_Sith_Lord> dont go to!! It has virus!
You see here he is in total denial of the fact that is community driven as the worlds most popular and largest collection of everything JK. Not to mention it actually works where as other JK sites have been fubar’d.

SM_Sith_Lord> theres no such thing as a secure network. thats the 1st thing they teach you. encryption is a delay, not a prevention.
While this statement is true, its a perfect display of his paranoid schizophrenia because he hides behind 2 hardware based firewalls, the Kasperky antivirus, and windows firewall.

Who knew that saving the world of JK would have back fired on the JK Community in the desperate attempt to save SM_Sith_Lord. It was ultimately a lose-lose and we had no chance of ever saving him in the first place. It was too late.

RIP sith, forever loved. forever missed