FFo Guide (Dark Side)

by | May 23, 2014 | Articles

First off, lets go over the keymap. I see alot of people out here streching the holy shit out of there hand when in fact, it should never move off of about 6 keys. ye, 5 fingers, stay on 6 keys at all times.
Here it is:
Force Pull: F
Force Seeing: Left Ctrl (you wont use it that often)
Force Dest: Left Shift (easy to hit at anytime)
Force Grip: Caps Lock (Your pinky finger should always be holding this)
Force Speed: Q
Force Jump: E
Move Forward: W
Move Backward: S
Move Left: A
Move Right: F
Strafe: W+D / W+A
Conc Rifle: 2
Saber: 3
Fists: 1 (used for humiliation only)
Fire1: Left Mouse
Fire2: R (I personally rarely use it. Id rather die+kill than just die)
Jump: Right Mouse
Score: ~

Keys: 4-0 dont matter. Who uses them?

Side Note: Fuck loper/shinji’s keymap. #s should never be used for anything except weapons. As you will only select a weapon 1 time.

So as you can see, mouse is only used for 3 things. Aiming, firing, and jumping.
Your left hand is what really just dominates FF.

Train your ass off on Health to Bridge jump, Health-Bridge-Conc jump.

These 2 jumps should come so natural to you that you can go back and forth and stop at any spot and do it again.

Player1 spawn point, where the rail det is, and the ammo, you should be able to jump from that ramp to bridge.

Watch your opponent, study him. Fire ahead of time on his most known routes.
With that said, you have to be so unpredictable that they cannot do this to you.

Camp everything. Bactas on the bridge, time them out. Health packs, time them out. Vest, time it. Shinji is really good at timing these things. Dont let your opponent get any of it.

If you have conc, and you happen to be around it, pull it. It will give you about 30sec until it respawns, thats plenty of time to go kill someone, and go back to it to pull it again.

Beware of the Conc area. Many self kills will happen here in result to Destruction blasts/Conc bullets.

Beware of jumping from water to bridge or water to health packs. As when you are in the air, you become an easy target for your opponent, and they can quickly predict where you are going to land.

IDK who it is, but what ever asshole turns on the lightning where the vest is… why? It annoys me and is pointless. This will not effect you in FFo. As force speed runs right over is, just snag the wall and grab everything. Or if you have time, jump up where the sequence charges are and pull the vest. Should pull it anyways 😛

Get surge at all costs. TIME IT. I personally watch the map to see when it is taken, and have me a little stop watch. 1 click to start. 2 clicks to restart. Set it for 30sec.
Watch how you attempt to get the surge, as you become an easy target for your opponent.
If its a battle in the surge cave, fuck it, grab it, dont worry about pulling it.

If you have properly camped everything, then you should be able to study your opponents health, and know when to attack hardcore as fuck.
Sometimes you may want to allow a rookie opponent to go for the surge, just so you can kill him then go steal it.
Sometimes you can sneak a surge-pull in real quick even though you have really low health and your asshole opponent has campped all the bacta/health/shields.

Be sure that anytime your opponent comes off the ground to fire right behind him with dest+conc. Resulting in a self kill 🙂