JaG Clan History

by | Nov 30, 2014 | Articles

History : JaG, currently known as the Jedi assault Group, has become a legend in the Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 community on the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone. With its roots in early 1998, JaG has seen over 70 of the top players in the game wear the JaG name with pride. Not only has JaG succeeded in JK but it has grown roots in other online games like Tribes, Rogue Spear, and Unreal Tournament. JaG was founded on the principles of honor, respect, and friendship. A theme that has remained true to this day. Our mission has always been the same as it states at the top of our web page “As an online gaming clan, JaG emphasizes teamwork while recognizing the importance of the individual. We are dedicated to become one of the greatest gaming clans in friendship, skill, and teamwork.” To this day that theme has reigned true.

JAG’s beginnings:
JAG, or Jedi Alliance of Galahad, was founded by JAG_Knight in March, 1998, along with the help of JAG_Selmer and JAG_TriggerHappy. The beginning of JaG saw 3 individuals who were very new to the game of JK, but excited at the potential and fun that they saw in the game. Once the 3 founding members solidified the clan new members were added. Some of the first additions included JAG_Thunda, JAG_ORKINMAN, JAG_Exterminatr, JAG_Budman, JAG_MMx_MaN, and JAG_Majestic. Amazingly, at the time this summary was written, 6 of these 9 original members are still with the clan today, over 2 and a half years later.

JAG’s Growth:
The first few months of JAG saw a clan that increased its skill level and popularity in a very short amount of time. Relative newbies of the game played with the great clans of the era like KRT, EA, PA, and WaR and quickly learned what it took to be at the top of our game. JAG began participating in and winning clan battle after clan battle and our skill, experience, and friendship grew very quickly. Before we knew it we were considered one of the top clans of the game.

JAG’s First Hardship:
During mid-July, 1998, a rift began to form in JAG, between those who agreed with the training program, where would-be JAG’s were trained by members until they reached the skill level necessary to completely join JAG, and those who disagreed. The argument started with disagreements about a proposed member limit and what to do about it. The argument ended with a member leaving JAG, with 3 others following him shortly after. This ultimately ended up in the demise of JAG, the Jedi Alliance of Galahad.

JaG Reborn:
Not to be discouraged by the recent events that had occured, Knight reformed JAG into JaG, the Jedi And Gunners, while he himself became JaG_MiDKnighT. MiDKnighT managed to recover 5 of the original JAG’s at first, followed by 2 other JAG’s very soon after. By early-September, 1998, JaG was back in business once again, with a full compliment of skilled players. With the help of an old member, Majestic, MiDKnighT recruited 3 former JEV players including Kaiser, Dark_Smoke, and 8ung. LordOfThePit, Memnoch, and Redfox later joined the FF divsion. JaG had never enjoyed such a well balanced group and began to grow stronger than ever.

JaG’s First Official Loss:
After winning over 20 consecutive clan battles, JaG challanged MERC, another top clan in the game, to what some considered the biggest clan battle challange since KRT vs EA. The first game saw JaG_MiDKnighT and JaG_FaZe taking on their MERC opponents and winning the NF Guns contest. After rescheduling 3 times with our 2 world class FF Gunners, Memnoch and ReDFoX, still not present, MiDKnighT and LordOfThePit tried their luck against MERC_Patwar and MERC_PORKCHOP in the FF Guns contest. The result was the first loss JaG had suffered in an official clan battle. JaG’s undefeated record was snapped and MERC went on to victory.

JaG tastes Gold:
October of 98 saw JaG reaching new heights in the JK world. With one of the strongest NF Guns division in the history of the game including JaG_Burke, JaG_Alchemist, JaG_Pyrrhus (Satyr), JaG_MiDKnighT, JaG_BuDMaN, JaG_Pixilius, JaG_Memnoch, and JaG_ReDFoX JaG went on to win 2 consecutive CWT golds in NF Guns. Some say that this was the peak of JaG’s skill level.

The next CWT JaG sought to take on MERC’s elite FF Guns team with JaG_ReDFoX and JaG_MiDKnighT. ReDFoX did not show up for the contest so JaG_LordOfThePit stepped in his place. After winning our first contest we were up against IRN against a familiar opponent, Patton, and an unfamiliar one, IRN_Kiwi. IRN began winning the game and Pit and I both noticed that Kiwi’s playing style was very similar to ReDFoX’s. We suspected something was up after we lost and we spoke about this at the clan’s meeting that night. JaG_Alchemist happened to know JaG_ReDFoX’s zone password and tried it out on the IRN_Kiwi name…it worked. ReDFoX had decieved JaG and played against and eliminated his own teammates in the CWT. The result was arguments between JaG and IRN that eventually ended peacefully.

JaG Closes Without a Successor:
January 2, 1999 saw JaG_MiDKnighT close JaG because of the responsibility of starting a new career. Unfortunately JaG had noone to fulfill the leadership duties and JaG was closed…
Reborn (again)
March 14, 1999, saw Kaiser and ThUnDa bring JaG back, now known as the Jedi Assault Group, back into the world of Jedi Knight, followed by 2 of the original founders, MiDKnighT and VooDoo. Many of the old JaG players had either moved on to other clans, or quit Jedi Knight entirely, but MiDKnighT still managed to find a few of the old JaG’s, while recruiting other skillful players. JaG_KaNe began helping out with the web page duties, and JaG_Fleury was recuited by Kaiser and ThUnDa. The new beginnings were slow but JaG once again its ties of friendship within the clan.

JaG’s Friendships Grow:
This period of JaG’s history saw great friendships build and last. The clan as tight as ever and old members and new members brought the clan closer together. There were big saber matches with Thunda, Kaiser, Dark_Smoke, Fleury, Canuck, MiDKnighT, BuDMaN, KaNe, and others. There were big guns games, CTF games, FF games. We all seemed to get along and were having a blast with the game of JK. Members actively participated in practices and meetings and the clan was doing great.

In April of 99, disaster struck as an unidentified source showed JaG screenshots of a program written by MERC_Tiberius (JKGOD) that looked like the most advanced hacking program JK had ever seen. Without consulting with their MERC allies first, JaG publically posted the screenshots and a war between MERC and JaG ensued. The arguments lasted for weeks that left scars on both clan’s images.

JaG First Successful New Game Venture:
During this time, JaG branched out into a new game, Starseige: Tribes, lead by JaG_ThUnDa and JaG_Kaiser…many talented players from other clans joined the Tribes division of JaG. Advertisements were posted for new players, practices were held regulararly, and JaG Tribes was on its feet.

JaG’s Success in Tribes Grows:
Within a few short weeks JaG Tribes moved into the Top 40 ranked Tribes squads in the world (out of over 200). The team continued to solidify and practices were held regularly. JaG then joined the BEML (Blood Eagle Mini-League) and finished the season with an impressive winning record. The team had some consistent stars including JaG_ThUnDa on Heavy O, JaG_Kaiser on Light D, (JaG)Playboy on Heavy D, (JaG)Shoot2Kill on Heavy/Light D, (JaG)lord on Light O, (JaG)Exterminatr on Light O, (JaG)Theodric on Light D, (JaG)BloodyShark on Light D, and many more…

The Return of the Budman:
After a slow period in JaG’s JK division, JaG_MiDKnighT finally convinced his old pal and original member BuDMaN to rejoin JaG. Along with Budman came JaG_Boogie_Oli, an excellent NF Gunner, JaG_Burn, another talented NF Gunner, JaG_KnightAli, NF Gunner and CTF specialist, and JaG_Beefstu, another excellent gunner and CTF specialist. Once again our NF Guns division was a force to be reconed with.

September, 1999. Once again, despite some shaky times, JaG is a powerful force in the Jedi Knight community. JaG Tribes is one of the top clans in the world, and now, JaG branches off once again into both Rainbow 6 and it’s sequel, Rogue Spear, led by JaG_Fleury. JaG will once again prove that it is a force to be reckoned with, this time in the world of terrorism.

Fast forward to November. The JK community as a whole begins to degrade more and more with each passing day, and JaG JK follows suit – until a group of NF Gunners re-join JaG, lead by former JAG members BuDMaN, ORKINMAN, and Exterminatr. The NF Guns division becomes the strongest it has been in years, and JaG thrives once again.

JaG_MiDKnighT Resigns as Active Clan Leader:
January 2, 2000: At long last baby, house, and job take effect and JaG_MiDKnighT resigns as t he active clan leader leaving the clan in the hands of JaG_Fleury. JaG_Fleury had been a web master and co-leader for several months so MiDK finally had a successor that he could trust with the illustrious clan. MiDK disappears from online life for a few months and returns as a reserves player and a member of the JaG Council of Elders.

Time rolls on, and the Rainbow 6/Rogue Spear division falls. Basic lack of interest results in JaG_Fleury closing down the division in December. The two founders of the 2nd generation of JaG, ThUnDa and Kaiser, leave JaG because of real life situations, and not on good terms. JaG|Playboy and JaG|Shoot2kill take over the Tribes division, but lack of players results in that division also being closed down after a successful run for almost a year. Two new games arrive on the scene, which send the JK community into other realms of gaming – Quake 3, and Unreal Tournament. Many members, bored with JK, request that JaG move into another game, and that game be UT. JaG_KnightAli, one of the members who joined in November, offers to lead this UT division, and promises to thrive where the R6/RS division failed. And so now, the story continues…