AcidRain and Compulsive Lying Disorder

by | Sep 15, 2013 | Articles

Throughout jkdf2 history there has been some legends, some casuals, and some down right pathetic noobs. Here today we are going to be looking into one of JK’s side effects on the mind, the development of Compulsive Lying Disorder. JK has been known to produce many negative side effects on the brain, especially in young children who grew up in the nar shaddaa environment. However, we will only be speaking on one of the many effects.

Google had this to say:
It is a stand-alone disorder as well as a symptom of other disorders such as psychopathy and antisocial, narcissistic, and histrionic personality disorders, but people who are pathological liars may not possess characteristics of the other disorders. Excessive lying is a common symptom of several mental disorders.

Today we will be examining the person who most likely fits the description, AcidRain, myself. Since this article is about Compulsive Lying Disorder, all I can really do is ask people what they think in the interviews and just see their responses.

SM_Sith_Lord had this to say:
<AcidRain> Hey Mr. Sith_Lord, what do you think about me?
<SM_Sith_Lord> Well you are probably the smartest person i know.
<SM_Sith_Lord> AArcade wouldnt be anything without you.
<SM_Sith_Lord> i mean you made, JKBot, alot of really good zone programs, have ran several physics simulations that is far far better than i could ever do.
<AcidRain> Thx sith, that will do

I had the priviledge of talking with Edward:
<AcidRain> Hey Edward, do you think I lie alot?
<Edward> From an object’s perspective, GetThingLVec(object);
<Edward> Where object is “AcidRain”, no.
<Edward> See one could get player name from JK Cog by saving the player number to a bin then explorting that to an external application that would grab all the names from the players in directplay and write that back to jk with binload to bins 32-64 (a possible of 32 character names, which is more than jk allows) in hexadecimal then convert those values to letters with cog and jkConcatAsciiString() all of them.
<AcidRain> damn edward you came up with that?
<Edward> No man, you did. you are awesome.
<AcidRain> thx E-man. I am pretty fucking smart arent i?

After these 2 testimonies, I thought i would give Trank a shout and see what he thinks.
<AcidRain> Trank
<Trank> .357 nigger
<AcidRain> hows it going man?
<Trank> the niggers are coming. only you can stop them Acid
<AcidRain> i rly dont think thats a job for me man
<Trank> dude… you are our only fucking hope. ban the niggers
<AcidRain> ugh… pm me so we can launch a wide scale ban on all niggers from ever entering JK.
<Trank> DUDE! OMG LOOOOOOOOOOOOL you are the best

After leaving Trank to talk to himself about niggers in irc, i went to see what Beefy himself has to say.
<AcidRain> fag you left fucking jk. u noob
<Beefy> huehue
<Beefy> im better than all of you huehue
<AcidRain> not better than me being better than Sith_Lord
<Beefy> you always do tell the truth man
<Beefy> im getting outta here. going to go off line
<AcidRain> ok man, peace dude
*Beefy is now playing Team Fortress 2*

After BeefTits once again turned his back on a JK member, I figured JKLE_Cougar had something negative to say maybe?
<AcidRain> sup coug
<AcidRain> shit. you see that dumb shit SM_Sith_Lord posted? hes never gonna make it.
<JKLE_Cougar> and SL is deteriorating bad. he keeps messaging me every day asking for me to wear my suit and make a reply video to that guy who dissed kyle katarn
<AcidRain> lolol. hes homeless now
<JKLE_Cougar> you got that right, you always say truthful things

Hmmm, still nothing. Let me search out someone who hates me, brian of massassi
<AcidRain> sup fag
<Brian> sup man. is looking really good
<AcidRain> nah your site is ok now that you fixed the majority of bugs
<Brian> im unhackable now. but no way bro, is way better. im so jealous.
<AcidRain> well i still have access to the admin interface, so u still rekt.
<Brian> wow dude! you are just amazing! nice site dude!
<AcidRain> eh… its community built, you know nothin special
<Brian> can we meet up for a coffee or something?
<AcidRain> oh something just came up man, talking to Beefy. pz loser
<Brian> wait, omg your so awesome and always right
*You can no longer receive or send messages to this person*

Afer some rly weird shit from Brian, i blocked him.
But is there anyone who can say I lie at all?