History of a JK player, from anime clan newbie to world champion

by | Jun 22, 2014 | Articles

Hi everyone, most of you know me as WD_Shinji, and I’m an avid JK player and former alcoholic. I’m friends with most of you, but I have rubbed a few people the wrong way (as I mentioned before I was an “alcoholic – binge type” for over a decade lol). I was flooding the discord chat with my personal JK history and testimony when cid suggested I should post that here. So here goes:

I got my first computer in spring of 1999. I was a sophomore in high school, 16 years old, and hasn’t had much experience with computer games before then aside from playing Diablo and Red Alert at my friend’s house, as well as doom 1 & 2 and quake. I’m not sure about doom 2, but i know quake’s default settings don’t allow you to look around with the mouse (you have to enable +mlook in the command prompt) so I played shooter games with the keyboard. The idea of using a mouse to aim hasn’t even occurred to me until i bought q3a and Unreal Tournament a year or so after I got my computer. I’m not sure when or why I used the mouse for the first time, but I do know for sure that at least the first 6 months of my FPS career I was only using the keyboard… at least when I was playing JK. The first multiplayer game of JK I ever played was a modem to modem game that I played against my cousin. We played oasis nf. I remember winning the game, and getting a kill or two with the repeater. And that’s the moment when I fell in love with JK and playing multiplayer FPS games on the computer.

At some time I logged onto the MSN gaming zone (www.zone.com) and tried playing JK online. I was a beginner, so I went into the Canyon Oasis room at first. I remember playing some games and having a lot of fun. My first zone name was Gohan151, but not because of the liquor, but because I was the 151st pok√©mon Lol. I think there was only 150 at that point. I was still a sober kid back in those days… very shy and nerdy, and with a lot of acne. And i only listened to metal/hard rock. I was the kid in high school wearing a MetallicA t-shirt and a Pokemon hat (nobody really knew what Pokemon was at that point, and I liked to march to the beat of a different drum). Shortly after playing on the zone for a week or two, I met someone that invited me to join their clan. So, I tried out for my first clan, DBGT, and joined my first clan! I was DBGT_A_Gohan (the a was for apprentice, which was my rank). I worked my way up the ranks of DBGT playing nf sabers, and eventually was promoted to the highest rank that you could achieve… Master… and then I was DBGT_M_Gohan lol. Up to that point I think I was still going by The Bizznitch in game, but I think the leader of our clan pressured me to change my name, and I was very proud of my rank so I obliged. While I was in DBGT I made friends with ZW_Aoshi (the z warriors were one of our ‘allies’ lol) who is my bff to this day. Also, Gordakarn was in DBGT with me, but I don’t remember his name. Me and him were the best saberists in our clan. Eventually I outgrew DBGT, and was becoming a better saberist, and so I decided to join a bigger clan with better players. DBGT was fairly small, less than 10 active members and probably less than 20 total, so I decided to join SRA which was a FF7 themed clan. I don’t remember how the ranking system worked in that clan, or what rank I ended up achieving, but I do remember that that’s where I met the best NF saberist of all time who had aliased into SRA for shits and giggles; SRA_Black. He was also YO_Black, and alongside YO_GodsmacK_YO was one half of one of the best 2v2 saberist combos of all time. To my knowledge, Black (aka Saint, or st jackie) has never lost a saber duel, and was undefeated until he finally lost a game with Klavier as his partner several years later. I don’t think he was ever #1 on cases ladder, and didn’t ever participate in any CWT’s, but he was undefeated at nf sabers, and that’s fuckin impressive! He was also the first person online to ever call me the N-word… And I remember vividly how I felt when that happened. It was a mix between shock, disbelief, anger, and butterflies in my stomach LOL! I was like “you can’t do that!” Hahahahaha.

I don’t remember if SRA was starting to disband, or what inspired me, but eventually I became bored with climbing the ranks of someone else’s clan, and decided to create my own. I left both DBGT and SRA, and created my own anime clan. I was really into Neon Genesis: Evangelion at the time so I created an eva themed clan called NERV. There was another short lived clan with the same name with a couple of scrubs named NERV_Eva01 and 02, and since I dare to be different I decided to add an underscore before NERV, and thus _NERV_Shinji was born! We were a NF sabers clan, expert only! I was still using the keyboard at this point, but I was pretty fuckin good for a keyboard warrior, and could beat the majority of the people on the zone at nf sabers. Some of my friends from irl joined my clan, as well as some of my friends from my anime clans and people that could pass my tryouts. Basically, if they strafed while they ran and used fire 2 effectively they were in. There were only a few guys in the clan besides my irl friends that could beat me, and I was still using the keyboard I think, so we weren’t the best… but in our minds we were Xperts. Up until that point the only true expert I had ever played was SyKoTiC_SubZero who completely annihilated me at my previous favorite setting of battleground jedi full force. He was a nf saberist, but he was the first person I had ever seen that actually knew how to play, and needless to say he beat me 15 to 0. It was the first time I had ever gotten raped, and also the first time id ever seen anybody use the correct force powers and do “the jumps” in battleground jedi. It was sometime around y2k that I started using the mouse, and learning how to play full force, but my phone battery is at 2% and this is a good place to finish this article….