Wodz Clan History Page (A Must Read)

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Articles

Each of these clans listed here not only dominated Jedi Knight in a way that has never been repeated, they also set numerous records (which still stand today), won an enormous amount of tournaments, and clan victories. Their eternal legacies stem from their foundations of superior saberists who dominated their JK careers before, during, and after being in these clans. Some of these saberists were so good that they were in a FEW of these clans during their careers.

With respect to the newer clans, albeit that some of the clans had some decent members, SubZero of VDS was the only VDS member who actually had a good career before joining. HiGHMeN and AxioN were considerably some of the best players in Prince, however they did not have amazing careers before and after Prince (highmen did join VDS after Prince though).

Lag is lag, 14.4 modem or a T-3, the best players could time lag very well. Ask any old schooler if the “elites” jerked their mouses around like faggots (dr00me) or caused their pings to drop on purpose. Place any of these clans on the list during any time of their existence against of other JK clans in history and the battles would be very deceisive.

JK did not come out with new “patches” or updates between 1997 and 2003, the only that changed is that newer age players played a gayer style (warping, lagging, etc). The concept of lag has never altered.

Some KRT members in 1997 played on modems ranging from 14.4 to ISDN. ISDN and T-1 lines were being used, which is the same lag as today. Make all of the excuses you guys want, i’ve heard it all. Any player from any of these listed clans would put shame to your small unnoticable careers. Ask around within the entire (old and new) JK community and these are the top clans that will come up. Not clans like NTS and MDS.

JCS Roster

Allard_Liao, Arma, 8ung, Cannibal, Caradoc, Cat_Sith, Chewy, Clockworx, Dust, Edoras, HaDeS, ICEHELION, RIPTIDE, KARMACOMA, Krumb, Kyle, Matrox, Mercury, Mist, Nugboy, RebelKing, RickFish, Saberist, Sepultura, Silverstar, Synthesis, Sensei, Teaa, THOR, FaZe, Pixilius, Veranon, CREAM, Renegade, AcidBurn, iRoN_K, SoLaRFLaRe, WoeX, SmokeSolo, ActionMan, BlazingSaber, FireWill, Pure, Wodz, Julie, Robotechman, Quicksilver, MMx_MaN, Frosty, Dumeril, Eagle, Giller, Dr00me, DeltaRED, Obi_Wan, Nefarious, Gen_Patton, Freman, Cyan, Kosmic, Havoc, Kalana, Loopr, HyRise, FooB, PhantomX, _MaDruK, Drizzt, DIRT, MelleniuM, Krypt, MrOrange, ZeroXonVII, MUDD, Lyricist, SouLReaPer, Icestorm, Sauron, Gentik, Eugenius, Fallout, Scorpion, Interloper, DeMoN, HecRol, Cartman, Luke, HyRiSe, Zaphod, HaDeS, Vulcan, GenetiK, Cronach, Supster, Niveous, Orbital, Java, Neo, Athena, Misty, KRULL, MrE, Hydra, Valkryie, JuNoE, KeWl, Grover, Foo, VishnuX, PraNkStA, Newmodel JudgmentDay, Cronach, KaiN, Corlin, eNoCH, Vapid, BeerMan, Crunch, Sculpt, EuphoriA, Morthe_HaP, CoNTRaVeRSy, JeSTeR

GS Roster

ActionMan, Aramis, Armageddon, BlazingSaber, Cat-Sith, CHEWY, Choda, Cloud_Strife, Culexus, Cyan, Deathsaberls, Determined, Dust, Edge, Edoras, Executioner, FireWill, Hoggle, Imp, Karmacoma, Mav, MrOrange, Orko, Pollux, Prime, Pure, Rorick, Saberninja, Scorpion1010, Seithan, Shadow668, Sithlord, Skull, SmokeSolo, SmokinAJ, Souledge, Spoonz, Sun_Blade, Thrasher, Vader, Waylander, WraithKing, Wodz, RebelKing, SaberGirl, Selorin, Nugboy, JediMasterYoda, TooToo, Yackoff, Crunchtime, Monty, Gen_Patton, Luke, Jax, Vert, Diric, Jedi_Zach, EagleSlayer, Cromwell, Sun_Blade

KRT Roster –

Mr.Wiz, Memnoch, Avalanche, Mata_Leao, Demise, Presley, MacLeod, MAZE, SyCo, Kaminari, Dirge, JediMasterYoda, OzNimbus, Acrobat, Paladin, LordOfThePit, Jahal, GregHal

IRN Roster –

Alvin_Maker, APOLLYON, Armageddon, Baker, Corlin, Crazy, Darksaber, DemonK, RazorHK, Disturbance, Exedore, Frost, General_Patton, Idmir_Spla, JDi, Jinks, MacArthur, Malstrom, Maverick316, MaZe, Realistik, Odin, Pestcontrol, ProZaC, Quake, Renegade, Serendib, Terminator, Thrash, UrbanPHREAK, Valdemar, Wallace, WidowR, Zuldane, Luke, WarMachine, Josh515, FiRE, Teflon_Z, Falcon, Daze, MrFantastic, Manderick, weejee, Vaider, GiLL, Varrus, PaiN, TheKing, mife23, Staerke, MacLeod, MMx_MaN, Madvlad, Skullmonkey, Cromwell, SageWulfe, Kiwi, Two_Stabs, Nefarious, DarkJester, Skullmonkey, Alchemist, Monty, Evil_Iron, Mr_T, IntrepiD, BABOCHE, WickedBlade, Madvlad, FordPerfect, Saberlord, Raven, DangerSun, DarkLord, Wendigo, Allard_Liao, NiftySaber, Hydra, HeltaH2K, Mist

EA Roster –

Regulator, Vector, Nefarious, CrunchTime, Gen_Patton, Armageddon, Thrasher, Nikola_G, Destruction, iLLuMiNaTi, Caesar, KoraX, Memnoch, Pixilius, Veranon, Allard_Liao, DraGonX, DeltaRED, Gumbocat, Dirt, Connor7, Gryphon, Demise, LunaticRED, JihadMaster, Shamrock, Westminster, Mist, Wodz, 187, WidowMaker, Pointdexter, Warchild, Pharcyde, Iceman, Psycho, Helios, Madvlad, Morgue, Vert, Vindicator, WarChild, Sublime, Mazellan, Apocalypse, BlackDeath

EoS Roster –

Armageddon, Braveheart, BurN0uT, Crazy, DArtagnan, GoldSeven, Gremlin, Josh515, Kaiser, KarmaPolice, KoRaX, Kybo, Lady, LordCultist, merlin, Morphine, CYRUS, Yoda, NiGhThAwK, Nikola_G, PastyBlood, Quake, Quenepa, Crazy, Quicksilver, Reaper_Man, SilverBolt, ThUnDa, Triton, WaRbLuR, YeKomS, Pyro, Chaoslord, LogiKal, Lunatik, MorpheuS, Pepsickle, Sanjuro, Timan, Aeron, Starfury15, Apocalyspe, Malstrom, Blacky, Astroman, LordOfThePit, Loki, Mentos