How to setup dgVoodoo

by | Sep 21, 2014 | Articles

This is a tutorial on how to properly install and get dgVoodoo working for Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith.

visit and download the latest version.

Extract the two .dlls (D3DImm.dll,DDraw.dll) from the MS folder and dgVoodoosetup.exe. Put these files in the main Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith folder where JK.exe/JKM.exe is.

Run dgVoodoosetup and in the General Tab, at the top. Change the Config Folder / Running Instance to your Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith install.

After that, go to the directx tab, at the bottom check on “Enable Fast Video Memory Access” and check off “dgVoodoo Watermark”.

Hit apply and okay. Now when you run Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith be sure to go to setup and display. Be sure you enable 3d Acceleration.

Hopefully this helps. Good luck.