BeefTits and Narcissism

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Articles

Throughout jkdf2 history there has been some legends, some casuals, and some down right pathetic noobs. Here today we are going to be looking into one of jk’s side effects on the mind, the development of narcissism. JK has been known to produce many negative side effects on the brain, especially in young children who grew up in the nar shaddaa environment. However, we will only be speaking on the most popular condition.

Google had this to say:
extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.
self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.

This appears to match the intro perfectly in accordance to what we will be talking about today. One player in general we will be talkingn about if Beefy, aka BeefyTop, aka RhymeLab, aka BeefTits, aka Dralloc.

First we must look into the history of Beefy, who from here on out will be refered to as BeefTits.
Beefy was a jkdf2 map designer who without a doubt created some of the best maps that JK has ever seen.
We can assume the disorder first began developing within BeefTit’s brain around 1999 with the release of The Dralloc Mall. We see a yearly map release from BeefTits all the way up until 2008. The entire year of 2009, BeefTits had no map releases. Its safe to say this was the year that he had become aware of his mental issues. This is proven because in 2010 BeefTits feels the need to redeem himself in his absence. He releases BeeeFF – The BGJ Full Force Remix, a complete failure of unpresidented proportions in map creation within the JK community. This map does not follow the normal patterns of BeefTits, it has poor textures, horrible shading, no traps, and the map is deemed unfit for any JK setting. Its hard to say what he was doing in 2009, some speculate that he was busy bragging about how good all of his other maps have been and begging people to play his maps. In 2011 he saught out redemption and created Dralloc CTF 4 – Dralloc Arena CTF, possibly the best CTF map to ever hit JK. The map boasted his ego so badly that 2012-2013 he didnt release a single map! He worked on many projects during this time, but they all went unfinished. He always responded to #jk’s anticipation of his next map release with “Im the best. No one is better than me. Im the best map creator of all time.”.
In 2014 BeefTits finally releases another map, this time its bad, Blue Bawlz – The One Day FFA! The name of the map alone says it all. “The One Day FFA!”, he craved the attention so badly and the community had moved away from playing his same old maps so much, that he needed just 1 day of attention to stay around. He craved the praise. “Blue Bawlz”… some say its symbolic to his now fully developed mental disorder known as narcissism. Blue Bawlz was BeefTit’s way of saying “its been so long since someone has praised me. Please… i need just one more time.”. As if he was talking to his wife, begging her for just 1 dick sucking because his balls hurt so bad. Bawls would be his ego.
Here he shows a total disregard for everyone in the JK community. He doesnt care what they are going through or what they have going in life. He even begins to neglect his wife in real life. So like they say every dog has its day, right Coug? Sorry BeefTits, your ego is going to stay Blue this time.
Beefy eventually abandon his own people during a rage quit. He was rekt in the 2015 JK Guns Tournament which was hosted on his own map, JK Tournament. The defeat was so brutal that it sent him in a downward spiral of psychosis.
JKBot had this to say:
<AcidRain> .info Beefy
<JKBot> beefy(89) Last Seen: 6/17/2016 9:37:39 – today was the day he rage quit. 06/18/2016

We can further examine the popular disorder that has haunted the JK community for the past 14yrs by looking at the behavioral responses of BeefTits. For this article we have interviewed alot of the JK community. Sacred{{{G}}} had this to say in an interview:
<Sacred{{{G}}}> beef was prolly like yeah those guys
<Sacred{{{G}}}> when that motherfucker hates ALL YALL
<Sacred{{{G}}}> told me one day straight up
<Sacred{{{G}}}> he hates all yall
<Sacred{{{G}}}> only reason beef likes you nickz
<Sacred{{{G}}}> is because you worship his ass
<Sacred{{{G}}}> soon as you stop
<Sacred{{{G}}}> he will treat you the same way like how you all think it’s funny he treated me
<Sacred{{{G}}}> beeftits truly is the ten fold narcissist
<Sacred{{{G}}}> look throughout jk history
<Sacred{{{G}}}> everyone who liked his shit
<Sacred{{{G}}}> he liked
<Sacred{{{G}}}> the moment they said ur shit is stale
<Sacred{{{G}}}> he became beeftits
<Sacred{{{G}}}> the ten fold narcissist
<Sacred{{{G}}}> yes
<Sacred{{{G}}}> thats why he hated the massassi kids
<Sacred{{{G}}}> thats why he split nar
<Sacred{{{G}}}> thats why he took smoke off his label LOL!
<Sacred{{{G}}}> that’s why he banned me
<Sacred{{{G}}}> thats why he banned pux

Even tho G-man himself displays some narcissistic characteristics here, lets stay on topic. Historically Sacred{{{G}}}’s testimony of BeefTits is accurate. But is G-man the only one who has noticed the expanding problem of the JK community in the late 2000s?
Lets see what SM_Sith_Lord had to say about the situation:

SM_Sith_Lord had this to say on about why Beefy quit:
<AcidRain> What would you say was the main reason that BeefTits abandon his own people of 19yrs?
<SM_Sith_Lord> there’s many theories
<SM_Sith_Lord> 1. racisim drove him away
<SM_Sith_Lord> 2. his woman limited his nerdy time
<SM_Sith_Lord> 3. mid life crisis
<SM_Sith_Lord> 4. Trank had surpassed him in map design
<AcidRain> Ok, you said Trank had surpassed him, how so?
<SM_Sith_Lord> well Trank’s Arena has a great map that no one could really compete with. Yeah it didnt look good, but it was by far one of the funnest close combat maps ever released.
<AcidRain> And these are just the theories. Do you have any testimonial quotes on the matter? Any type of fall back excuses or something that a narcissist would say as the reason he jumped ship on his very own crew?
<SM_Sith_Lord> yea of course, he actually came to me and said: “he’s too busy with IRL”…”doing real shit”…”livin life unlike us losers”
<SM_Sith_Lord> nah. i think beefy’s maps still get playtime unparalleled by any other author. not even LEC themselves
<SM_Sith_Lord> #jk is his child, u know.
<SM_Sith_Lord> he was the father to that whole community in #jk
<AcidRain> And what would you say is the most narcissistic thing BeefTits has ever done?
<SM_Sith_Lord> i got one just recently
<SM_Sith_Lord> he made a song about taking a shit
<SM_Sith_Lord> who makes a song about taking their own shit?
<SM_Sith_Lord> thats narcissistic, right?
<SM_Sith_Lord> like that south park episode lol
<AcidRain> lol
<SM_Sith_Lord> they’d take shits so large that they’d be elevated by it
<AcidRain> lmao yeah
<SM_Sith_Lord> and how they’d spin for the act of making the shit under them
<SM_Sith_Lord> #epic
<AcidRain> who would rap about someone elses shit?
<SM_Sith_Lord> hmmm, a non narcissistic person.
<AcidRain> Thank you for your time Mr. Sith_Lord.

Here is the interview with JKLE_Cougar:
<AcidRain> Why would you say Beefy rage quit?
<JKLE_Cougar> Because ReT told him he was 26 or something along those lines
<JKLE_Cougar> And beef raged cause he was like I’m so much older than you
<JKLE_Cougar> Even tho hes like 31
<JKLE_Cougar> Then said he couldnt waste time with kids anymore
<JKLE_Cougar> But continued to play other games
<JKLE_Cougar> That werent jk
<AcidRain> *shakes head* He was so caught up in himself that he left JK, his own people of 19yrs, created a new name for himself to start over with his narcissistic abnormalities.
<JKLE_Cougar> Yep
<JKLE_Cougar> Exticulous
<AcidRain> Thank you sir, your time has been appreciated.

Hmmm… Exticulous? Lets break down BeefTit’s new alias.
“Ext” means: “outside of, beyond”
“ous” means: “possessing, full of”

No one can ever know the full meaning of the new alias or where he got it from. But one this is for sure, this is the most narcissistic name ive ever seen in my 22yrs on the internet.

Today you can find all of BeefTit’s maps on his very own website,, where only his content is. The site is poorly done and resembles one of those old skool freewebs accounts. But nonetheless, it only has his content.