The Rescue

by | Mar 10, 2022

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The Rescue

The Story------------------------------------------

Before Chewie and Han meet Luke and Ben Kenobi in the Cantina, Chewie was being held in a secret Imperial outpost in the middle of the Dune Sea. Chewie had been captured in a Raid on Mos Eisley. Han managed to escape in the falcon two days later Han returned to Mos Eisley to meet Jabba the Hutt.

Episode 1 -Find Jabba's Sail Barge

In this level you must travel through Mos Eisley, but be careful Jabba is in it deep with the Imperials. They won't attack you in public most likely in an alley. As to avoid any entanglements with the residence of the Area.

Episode 2 -Jabba's Sail Barge

This level is a secret you must play to discover what to do next I can't give it all away.

Episode 3 -The Rescue

In the Middle of a Dust Storm You land in the Dune Sea only about a mile away from the secret entrance of the Secret Base. As you look for the around you see nothing the storm had made the air dense. You then wonder how you will get in the base in this weather... all of a sudden you feel the ground beneath you rumble then you quickly fall and then are attacked by two Imperial Commando's...I guess your in.

Level by: Nate C.