Rescue the Princess ~ Prequel

by | Mar 12, 2022

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Rescue the Princess ~ Prequel

This is our second level, made especially for the contest held in 2000 A.D. at

If you like to walk around sight-seeing on "boinga", forget it - you won't like this level. If you like a good fight with a few puzzles in between, give it a try.

Level Description:
This is a prequel to our first level, "Rescue the Princess". Your mission here is to get through the first part of General Zahn's base and reach the space port.

A huge freighter, the Rosinante, which plied the shipping lanes long ago, was attacked by pirates and driven into an asteroid field. When the great ship finally came to misfortune in the field, much of it was destroyed, but a significant portion remained intact, partially embedded in a gigantic asteroid. Zahn's grandfather was a crewman in the pirate force that hounded the Rosinante to it's ruin.

Over the years Zahn's minions have repaired and adapted the wreck to serve as their base. For more of the story visit

1. Infiltrate General Zahn's base.
2. Find the Habitat Ring
3. Reach the Space Port

Level by: Julia, Michael, Lisa Thompson