Imperial Agent

by | Feb 1, 2022

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Imperial Agent

The Imperial special agent walked into the briefing room.
He stood up straight in front of his superior, General Galos, and
"At ease, agent. Our probe droids have just recently discovered
a New Republic laboratory on the forest planet of Yatsze. They were
not able to pinpoint the exact location before they were destroyed,
however we have a rough estimate of its coordinates. We need you to
get in there, and destroy it. They are no doubt running
on a Class IV power system, so you should be able to destroy it easily
by short-circuiting it."
"If you can get to the power core and short-circuit it, the
power system will explode after 2 minutes. Our
technicians have run several tests confirming that the explosion will
destroy the base. As for your entry, we will airdrop you into the
surrounding forest. Tell us over your comlink when you've destroyed
the base, and we can get you out of there."
"Yes, sir."
"Let me give you some advice on entering the lab. The main door will
obviously be locked, so you'll have to find some way to get in."
"Yes, sir."
"Oh, by the way. General Ervin recently disappeared on a mission to
Yatsze. He probably was killed, but if you can find him, by all means
try to rescue him. You are not required to rescue him, however."
"Yes, sir!"
The agent saluted. The general returned the salute.
"Good luck, agent."

This level starts you off with 5 health. That is NOT a bug. I am
trying to make this like Star Wars as much as I can. I think
shields and lots of health really ruin the Star Wars atmosphere.
Don't worry, the enemies are as weak as you are. I beta tested this
level myself, and beat it without cheat codes( but I did die a lot.)
So, you should quicksave a lot.

Level by: Thaku