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Hey, there.

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To the JK Community:
I'm back. ;)

I noticed something cool today as I was checking out the control panel for on Apparently, by making purchases on, your receive "credits" that can be used towards various services for webmasters that would otherwise cost money. It appears I am eligible to receive free credit towards advertising through Google AdWords as well as Microsoft AdCenter. It occured to me that this could be a useful tool both for attracting former JKDF2 players in addition to "new" potential players.

Lastly, I hate to say "updates are on the way", because you guys don't want to hear about my plans, you want to see results. So let me catch up with vallo, Andrew, and the rest of the crew, and start to get things moving.

- ReT

ruthless deeds return to harass their architect

Topic starter Posted : 17/01/2009 2:00 pm
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Hey Ret! It's great to have you back with us, man!!
Drinks are on you :wink:

JAS - JK Online Gaming Clan

Posted : 20/01/2009 2:15 pm

I Here’s your Throwback