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2008 Site Statistics & JKDF2.COM Issues

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Happy new year, by the way. :) As I've been re-associating myself with some of the domain and hosting aspects of, two things came up.

First, I noticed that is apparently not working. For those who don't know, this site has several domains: NARSHADDAA.NET, JKDF2.NET, and JKDF2.COM. A quick look at the forwarding settings for indicates that the domain should, in fact, be forwarding to Unfortunately, there is still a "This Web site coming soon" page. I'm unsure if this has any impact on our Google ranking or not, but it's definitely something I need to take care of. If I can't figure it out with GoDaddy's byzantine administrative panel, I'll call them up and hopefully the issue will be resolved by early next week(week of 1/19).

Second, I have some interesting statistics for the site. Since I activated the statistics tool on this site in June or July of last year, a great deal of data has been gathered. There is a great deal of detailed information, so I'm going to rehash the highlights.

    On, from Jul 16, 2008 to January 17, 2009:
    39,899 files have been downloaded files
    5,797 unique hosts have visited
    The top referring keyword is simply "jkdf2".
    Top referrers include LucasForums,, and
    The most active week was December 14, 2008, with over 20,000 total requests.
    Top 10 Searches Leading to

      1. jkdf2
      2. dsbr and exedore
      3. patch commander
      4. jedi knight patch commander
      5. rhophein
      7. gresuf
      8. 3memos
      9. err_cannot_load_file
      10. jkpatch_v40.exe
      Here is the actual graph of total requests over time:


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