Force Fire

by | Mar 4, 2022

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Force Fire

Special Instructions:

There are hints here:
They won't reveal how to accomplish the objectives but they will
enhance your enjoyment of the level. Please look them over first.

Sariss is your ally. She will try to protect you by attacking
any enemies in sight.

Sariss is fairly independent and may seem to be exploring
on her own or just hanging back. Don't worry, she'll keep
up. She has a talent for finding you wherever you are, so
just move along through the level as quickly as you like.

If you want her to follow you instead of fighting, disarm
yourself, i.e. switch to 'Fists'.

Also, Sariss can be injured and if she dies the game is over.
You can 'share health' with Sariss by 'activating' her. This
will also calm her down for few a moments during a battle.

Author's Notes:
We were very curious what it would be like to have a real ally
during the game. Kyle and Sariss seemed like a good choice
after seeing them together in the JK "Dark Side" ending of
"The Force Within"

We studied COGs for several months trying to figure out how
to make Sariss an effective ally.

This our 5th level and we focused more than ever before
on trying to make interesting architecture. It is also
our largest level, comprised of over 1200 sectors.

Kyle Katarn is the new omnipotent Dark Emperor of the Galaxy and
Sariss is by his side, but there remains one last problem.

Former Imperial troops at an isolated outpost have rebelled against him
and the entire star system is no longer visible to him in the Force.

Fearing that the knowledge of how to neutralize their powers may spread
beyond the system, Kyle and Sariss must move quickly to crush the uprising
by more conventional means.

Remote, barren, far from the pathways to power on Coruscant, once
assigned to the outpost on H'tis, an officer's career was considered over.
It was a typical punishment for an offense too serious to ignore yet not
quite severe enough to warrant execution.

An old man shrouded in dark robes sits in his cell. His voice is barely
above a whisper as he speaks to the former Imperial soldiers gathered round him.

"Yes, yes, I know... I know how it can be done. You were wise not to destroy me.
And you have not treated me unkindly. I will help you. I will show you the secret."

Deep beneath the surface of the H'tis outpost, burns the Force Fire.

Very special thanks to:
- Muuurgh, for suggesting an omnipotent Dark Emperor's antagonist
be something along the lines of what eventually came to be Force Fire.

- Rhettman, for suggestions leading to much more realistic Sariss
fighting behavior.

- CookedHaggis, for cutscene deployment consultation and comic relief.

- Admiral Ryan, for explaining proper cornering technique

- Chris Swan, 3do Artisan, MAT contributor and
most of all for taking our efforts seriously.

- everyone at the TACC forums for their support and encouragement

- and a very special thanks to our Beta Testers, for not being
too embarrassed to actively associate with this project:

Chris Swan <[email protected]>
Cooked Haggis <[email protected]>
Rhettman <[email protected]>


1. Disable Automatic Security Circuit
2. Shutdown Main Reactor
3. Open Physical Plant Service Doors
4. Neutralize Force Fire


Level by: Julia, Michael, Lisa Thompson