A Jedi’s Discovery 2: The Dark Mask

by | Oct 8, 2020

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This is a SINGLE PLAYER LEVEL FOR JK. Sorry for not crediting some of the contributors last time I submitted. I have done so in this revised edition of AJD2.

Last you left off at you had defeated the cloned sith of Darth Maul, before finding out there where no weapon plans, it was simply a trap for the jedi. Jedi council member Koben Katarn picked you up after defeating the sith. When you came back to the Jedi Council, Yoda told you he already had foreseen there were no weapon plans. The council thinks that there may be a link from the trade federation for the cloning of the sith. He had to be defeated, that's why Yoda didn't say anything. He has assigned you with a new mission. There is a space station that has been orbiting Tatooine for a while now. He wants you to go to the space station a find out what there doing orbiting Tatooine. What you and the council don't know is that the space station is run by genetically engineered cyborgs (cyborgs are part flesh part robot, so they will bleed). They can push themselves harder, longer then any other normal man or droid. They have guns built into their arms, and they are also fast shooters.

Note: The patch that came with the level, I put there for a reason. It's very important in order to get the full effect for this game. One other thing. When you quicksave, make sure you don't have your lightsaber out, and make sure there is no saber sounds going on. (for instance turning it off, or clashing etc.) and when you die and you load again, pause it and go to load and load it again, or else it may screw up your force powers.