Dark Legacy

by | Mar 16, 2022

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Dark Legacy

Created during June 1998 this level is my fifth. Please e-mail me with any suggestions or advice you might have on any aspect of this level. (I fully intend to update this level at a later date, during the summer, so I really would appreciate any advice or ideas for the level.)

Background Story:

To the Emperor you are Mara Jade. To the rest of the galaxy you are known only as 'The Emperor's Hand'...

The Emperor's Jedi purges have all but ended. A glorious new era of Imperial rule awaits the galaxy. With the Imperial Senate newly dissolved the Emperor now looks to consolidating his hold on the galaxy.

As the 'Emperor's Hand' your mission is to locate an ancient device from the ruins of a forgotten Sith tomb on the world of Eloth. The device, a Sith Holocron, holds secrets that could increase the Emperor's Jedi powers tenfold; it is even said such devices might hold the key to immortality, through one means or another...

So BEWARE! The dead do not always sleep!

Level by: James Roth