The Phantom Menace TC Trailer 2

by | Jan 30, 2022

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The Phantom Menace TC Trailer 2

Music Note: The music taken was from the Mission Impossible II Soundtrack. *The score soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, not the other one*. In no way do we take credit for the music, but only used it as it fit the mood perfectly.
Installation: Just extract the goo to your Mysteries of the Sith Episode folder, run Mysteries of the Sith in single player mode and you should see it listed.
Note: The trailer has several scenes which involve text. This was based on the Gladiator trailer. It was later brought to my knowledge that the Legacy of Yun Trailer used an effect similar to those scenes. In no way was I ripping off him, as I had never seen his trailer before I finished those scenes.

Story Behind the trailer *Written by Demon_Nightmare*: No, this won't be a novel like the first one...=) The idea for second trailer came from Darth J who approached me with an idea for it. Pretty much, it went back and forth on deciding how we wanted it to go. J then finally sent me a pretty final version of the script and I knew it was the one to do.

Mainly, I'll just say who did what.

Darth J wrote the base of the script, designed pretty much most of the sets, and was there for ideas throughout.

Demon_Nightmare did all the cutscene work. This means implementing music, making all the animations you see here, putting all the sets together in the cutscene, etc. Also, the script was adjusted some parts to make it work for trailer.

It was a great pleasure working on the project for both of us, even though I almost stopped it at one point. In the end, I like the final project very much, and I hope you all do too.


People to thank in no specific order:
-Mainly entire TPMTC staff for miscellaneous files created by the crew