JED Plugins – PathFinder V1.01

by | Nov 7, 1999

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JED Plugins - PathFinder V1.01

PathFinder is a plugin which allows you to quickly create path
movement for Actors in Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith. For
example, say you have built a SP city level or something. You
would most likely have civilians/aliens/whatever walking around,
going about their daily business, to enhance realism. Or if
your level is an Imperial base, you could have troopers on
patrol routes. You don't need to limit actors to simple
movement(point A to point B), you can create complex routes for
them to go on.
PathFinder does all the hard work for you, including creating
new cogs. All you gotta do is set the actors frames to where
you want him to move, set a few things in PathFinder, set your
new cog* and you should have a fully functioning moving actor.

* Normally PathFinder would add the new cog for you, but due to
a bug in Jed i found, I had to remove this feature, sorry 🙁

Be aware this is my first plugin, and the first version of
PathFinder. I plan to add more features and stuff to future
versions of PathFinder, so I'm looking forward to suggestions 🙂


By: BigBosskMan