Fort: Hidden Studies

by | Jan 30, 2022

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Fort: Hidden Studies


The scene: Imperial research facility on Codec-3. Camouflaged from
observation. HEAVILY guarded. Source of the best in Imperial technology.

The current project is the Experimental TIE Interceptor (XTI). Faster.
More firepower. Better shields. Destined to be the scourge of the Rebels.

Gorag, Dark Jedi. TIE pilot. Leader of the XTI development team. The only
person that knows everything about the XTI.

We cannot afford to let the Imperials keep this technology secret. It's
imperative that the Rebellion obtain a prototype for study.

This is your task. Sneak into the outer facility on a troop transport.
Obtain access to the inner research facility, capture the prototype, and

Intelligence indicates that you will have to cut power to the camouflage
shield to lower it. The outer facility is separated from the inner research
facility by a dual shield. The outer shield can normally only be lowered
from inside the facility. You will have to cut the power to the outer
shield to get past it.

Gorag has never been observed outside the XTI hangar. It's probable that
you will have to defeat Gorag to capture the XTI. Gorag is a Dark Jedi of
considerable strength, but he relies almost exclusively on his saber
skills - rarely using his force skills.

Rumor has it that the Imperials are experimenting with a teleportation system
that interfaces to their security camera system. A camera with teleportation
ability usually tints it's scene green. We have been unable to determine
how to trigger the teleportation function.

We are unsure how to gain entrance to the hanger or lower it's roof shield
so that you can fly the XTI out, but we have every confidence in your

Level by: Alan Farrell