Euphoria (Clean)

by | May 30, 2004

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Euphoria (Clean)

Hard to explain. It is what you see. Generally a place of extreme happiness.

You have downloaded this and played it and you are probably wondering, "So this is euphoria....I don't get it."  Exactly one year ago I had the most intense and pleasurable experience in my life - I call it Euphoria since I read of other people having such feelings on drugs and how it is the most intense happiness you will ever encounter.  I can  only say to an extent what I did, however.  I was serving my suspension from school last year for something I did that will remain unsaid.  I woke up that morning at maybe 9AM.  That is where it all began.  There is no explaining the way I felt.  I felt as though I was a child and that everything around me was infinitely mysterious and that this world was just so perfect.  I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. The sun was glaring and the room was very bright and heavenly.  I fixed up a bowl of Kelloggs Smorz cereal with lots of milk.  I ate it and the milk made it so chilled and perfectly cool.  I ate it very fast.  When I was done I drank the milk out of the bowl - it was still unusually cold. I put the bowl in the sink and rinsed it out.  I walked to the bathroom so that I may take a shower.  When I walked in the light from the outside made a similar effect in the bathroom as it did in the kitchen. Right then a strange sound looped in my head.  It was a song, and I was unsure of what it was but it made this feeling I was having dramatically increase.  I warmed the shower and stepped in.  It was a very strange feeling.  The combination of the music looping in my head, the bright light coming through the window, and the warmth from the shower made me feel like I was in heaven. I was in the shower for what it seemed like 20 minutes.  I got out, dried off, and put on some very comfortable  clothing.  I then looked up some trance music, which really toyed with this feeling I had.  Ever since then I've liked trance music.  At about 1PM the feeling went away and I was back to normal, and I almost cried because I missed that state of mind so much. I actually got the feeling again in I think it was January, but something was missing.  That song that was looping through my head in the shower was by Nine Inch Nails, and it is titled "10 Miles High". I ended up finding that song the next day on the internet, which was strange because I didn't remember hearing it before my experience.  I took a portion of the song and put it in the main room of this level in case you want to know what it sounds like.  So you are probably still confused on what euphoria is, and I think I might be able to explain what it actually is.  When you were a child you looked at the world with ignorance in your eyes and saw so many infinitely wondrous things around you that you couldn't even begin to explain.  You knew not of any bad things in this place.  Everything was just perfect all around you.  That feeling in my definition is Euphoria.  It could vary from person to person but it sounds like it might apply to everyone. As we grow, we learn more about the world around us and are saddened by it.  With age that feeling begins to die.  It might hit you now and then but with age the odds of you getting euphoria naturally are decreased.  It is said that certain drugs help you perceive a sense of perfection in this world, thus producing euphoria.  I made this level and readme to make people aware of the reality of this feeling. It is far better than I can even begin to describe.  It is ironic because this level that I made doesn't really give off a euphoria type mood.  The room with the river would probably give off the closest mood to euphoria of any of the other rooms.  Lastly, the kitchen and bathroom rooms really do very much resemble the kitchen and bathroom in my house - just for a visual.  Enjoy.

Level by: WAR_Nuker