Home’s Call

by | Mar 4, 2022

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Home's Call

You play as the noghri warrior Bolaphk, kidnapped from your homeworld of Honoghr by the Anchehar smuggling group at the age of two years. You currently serve as a bodyguard and assassin for the leader of the Ancehar group, Rilban. You have been para- dropped to an area near the Evarsh base.

Recently, a rival smuggling group, the violent Evarsh group, have set up a large stronghold close to your own. A week ago, a battle raged as the Anchehar group attacked the Evarsh fortress, after a string of small attacks from the Evarsh group damaged the Anchehar base. Unfortunately, the Evarsh group were well prepared for the assault, and fought it off. The Anchehar group is desperate, so Rilban has sent in you, his ultimate assassin, to infiltrate the fortress and assassinate Liegus. However, you have other ideas. In the last few years, you have learnt much about your home planet of Honoghr and long to return. This mission gives you a chance to escape your master and return home. Your sense of duty is strong, and you feel you must obey your master, but can you resist the call of home?..........

Level by: Chris Swan