A Pirate’s Tale Level 3 and 4

by | Feb 1, 2022

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A Pirate's Tale Level 3 and 4


There is a myth which says that there was once a perfect race there.
It is said that their perfection came forth out of a divine disc.
This disc could bring unlimited strength....

Over time the race extincted, leaving their temples and palaces for the elements to destroy.
When the planet was discovered by the Imperial forces near the end of their dominion,
they began transforming the planet into a mining facility.
While digging through the rocky soil they stumbled upon these temples and palaces.
This is where they found the mythical disc.
After the destruction of the second Death Star, when the universe became free from all tyranny,
the planet was abandoned.
What had happened to the disc became a mystery...

The New Republic never could free the galaxy from tyranny completely.
The Senate in a while became as corrupt as it was at the time of the Old Republic.

Tsjemir, a thief, earned his money stealing, mostly he luded old Imperial Bunkers or abandoned bases.
One day he stumbled on the disc, which wasn't of any value for him,
since he didn't knew about the myth.
He sold it for very little money to Lillithon a Crimeboss who controlls most of Akkaban,
a New Republic city on Kellip.
Lillithon knew about the myth and started his search for the location of the old temples,
where he hoped to find clues about how to use the disc.
He found out about Hellior4 after a while, but he couldn't find the clues he was looking for.

Then a New Republic agent working undercover at Lillithon's apartment,
for the corrupt senator Saruth, found out about Lillithon's possession of the disc.
A strike force had successfully recovered the disc from Lillithon's apartment
and burned the whole place to the ground.
While transporting the disc to Coruscant, they tried to keep it as low-profile as possible,
so they wouldn't have to many problems with other curious Senators and Pirates.
They failed, a Pirate called Hake Tah'Joohn boarded the ship and recovered the disc
before they even reached hyperspace.
The bounty hunter Kihrgaro managed to Capture Hake (level 1), but they didn't find the disc in his ship.
One escape pod was missing.
When looking around they found out that is was found by a Tuskan Tribe on the 2nd moon of Kelip.
They bought it from them for a high price
and placed it in a Republic dependance-building in Akkaban for a while because they where noticed by Twi'Lorn,
a other Senator.
Lillithon didn't give up...
He found the location of the disc, but didn't had any men to recover it,
since most of his man where killed by the strike force.
He decided to let Hake escape, Hake had already worked for him before and proved to be a
most experienced pirate.
He let one of his man open Hake's prison door and let Hake do the rest himself.
It worked Hake escaped (level 1).
In desperate need of help Hake went to visit Lillithon, who ordered him to steal the disc. (level 2)
Again Hake succeeded, with the help of Grondar he recovered the disc, but Hake now understood
that this disc was not to be taken lightly and decided not to give the disc back to
the mightconscious Lillithon. One of Lillithon's hit-man was ordered to kill Hake, but he was saved
just in time by a New Republic secret agent who wanted to use Hake to find the location of the temples
and to retrieve the disc. Since they didn't even know what planet to look on. The secret agent had laid a sensor on the pilot's
chair of Hake's ship, which attached itself to Hakes bottom. Saruth was now enabled to view all Hake's movements.

Before Hake did anything with the disc he decided to take revenge on Kihrgaro. The Pirate's Code tells him to do so to save
his dignity, after all Kihrgaro managed to capture Hake earlier on.

While Hake is flying to Kihrgaro, Kirhgaro gets hired by Lillithon to replace his killed men. Lillithon couldn't afford more men.
Kihrgaro, and Lillithon were now the only two men aware of the temple's location.
Senator Saruth comes with the idea of giving Kihrgaro a fake order to come to the temple, because he knew that Hake would follow him.
This way Saruth will find the location of the temple.

Level by: Darth Vedder