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Racist OasisNo News... 6:45 on "the cop who shot him is Chinese.."GnarlydewdSat Jun 24, 2017 3:09am
Acids Weapon PackJump Mines added in. Fire1 does the same thing as in KWP. Fire2 places a mine on the ground, 2sec later it is activate...This is AWP. Here you will see many new features based upon the legendary KWP mod. The intention is to make everything...AcidRainTue Apr 25, 2017 4:11pm
Cogs for Sacred{{{G}}}No News...A collection of cogs created for Sacred{{{G}}} These will probably be of best use in a map, and not as haxAcidRainSat Apr 22, 2017 3:48pm
TemplarFixed the way flags are loaded into templar. there was a bug where certain flags failed a bitwise test.Helps build templates. Ill take any suggestions on improvements.AcidRainWed Apr 19, 2017 11:53am
Shinji Announces Return to JK - Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:13pm

Shinji_> I'm on my phone right now but when I get my hands on another machine I'll be back every day again

He also had this fake line to say:
Shinji_> I miss getting pwnt by AcidRain in ffo


Site Wide Timezones - Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:45am

So i got bored today and decided to fix the timezone issue that has been bothering me since the beginning of the site. All time data is now converted to the users timezone. If the user isnt logged in, UTC is used by default. If anyone sees any bugs with this or anywhere where time isnt translated, lemme know. I have made sure its fixed and working in all of the projects area. To change your time format, you can do so in the forums under User Control Panel->board preferences


Happy Halloween - Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:28am

zomg so drunk happy halloween you life havin ass bitches.


Tournament - Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:34pm

New tournament is on the way! JKLE_Cougar is your host. Tournament will be hosted on 8/20/16, sign up before then.


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